The department was originally the Disciplinary office including Extracurricular Activities Section, Student assistance division and Physical Health Section. In February of 1982, there was a additional center -- Student Counseling Centre, with Bang Tao Zhou to be the first Dean of students. At 5/1/1994, the department was renamed as Office of Student Affairs with four departments including Guidance and Counseling Section, Student assistance division, Extracurricular Activities Section and Health Service Division. Alumni and Career Placement Section was set up at 1/8/1999 and Service Learning Center was set up at 1/2/2009. By obeying the University Law, the Dean of Student was renamed as the Dean of Student Affairs. At 1/8/2009, Cheng-Wen Lin, PhD was appointed to be the 18th Dean of Student Affaris.

Organizational chart of Student Affairs