Student Affairs Corner

 101 Academic Year Service Learning Lecture Course 「Discussion of the service study by the service value」

     On 18th of September, we specially invited the Dean of Students, Sun Tai Ding, from Providence University to visit our school for sharing on our first service learning lecture course of this semester. The teacher, Mr. Sun, has devoted himself to the work of student affairs for many years, and he is even the representative of education forerunner undoubtedly. He always tries to understand and solve all the problems positively, and never lose his passion to the education work, so Mr. Sun is one of the most respective teachers for me. His warm and positive philosophy is deeply meritorious.

     The title of speech was Discussion of the service learning by the service value」. Mr. Sun has participated in the service team of mountainous region for a long period of time since he was a student. He has not only gained lots of service experience, but also known as a top teacher on the teaching of cordiality education. At the beginning of speech, Mr. Sun analyzed how to distinguish the value of people and things if could be judged by「price」or not by current affairs in terms of the relationship of「price and value」.Just like the bookmarkers he brought are not just a gift but a unique. Moreover, Mr. Sun shared his memory of young years and friendship as well as the reasons of his passion on education work and service through 「the treasure of old photos」. The 「bargain photos bring his pride with no valuation.

     Mr. Sun has mentioned the most valuable things are the things we couldn’t see. And he led the students to think over why we have to develop the service values by this concept. Although the opportunity of accepting others’ service is more than servicing others now, students will service the society as a kind of knowledge and a career in the future. Therefore, if we could develop the service values and passion to people, it will be the best way to bring happiness in life.        

     In recent years, colleges widely popularize service learning courses, and by this chance, Mr. Sun told the students that the university period is not only the birth stage of life thoughts, but an important process for the service from others to the service of others. Besides learning professional knowledge, students also need more with the knowledge of service attitude to bring into more play. Moreover, the service concept has to be learned through the action.       

     In the end, Mr. Sun shared the service learning video fromChung YuanFu JenProvidence universities, and let the students share the experience of how to service others in life. Also, he encouraged the students to embrace enthusiasm for the life goals and the spirit of caring for the community because the service values are the most wonderful gift for us.