Student Affairs Corner

 Having Observation and Gratitude - Happy will be in your mind

Our Service Learning Centre hold a lecture of Service Learning in the 103 classroom of Li-Fu Teaching Building on 3rd of October, we invited the sub dean of our China Medical Hospital,沈戊忠, to make a speech of “Having Observation and Gratitude - Happy will be in your mind”.
Sub dean Shen is the head editor of our “E newspaper”. Through this lecture, he shared his relative hospital clinical service experience, and made the students realize the gratitude from the minute things. Simply, “Having Observation and Gratitude” is deeply observing the devotion and solicitude on us from others, showing your gratitude from your mind to others as well as modeling yourself on others at the same time.
However, we can also examine and reflect ourselves critically from others’wrong behavior, seeing if the same wrong behavior as others. If we are, we have to do introspection and avoid doing again; if we are not, we have to remind ourselves not to make the same mistakes in the future. So we are able to gain the growth of lives from others’ wrong behavior, and have the gratitude on the opportunities of growing up with learning to others. After the speech, hopefully, the students could learn this concept and cultivate their morality in terms of the important value of learning and devotion.