Student Affairs Corner

 Goodwill Ambassadors of Beauty Association were invited to join the opening ceremony of transport service for “Da Ken Ching Shin Bridge”

On October 19th, Taichung Government Construction Bureau held an opening ceremony of transport service for “Da Ken Chin Shin Bridge”, and our Goodwill ambassadors of Beauty Association were invited to join it as well as assisted the welcome activities and ribbon-cutting opening ceremony.
Following the opening of the new Blossom Bridge and romantic Valentine's Bridge, another two of landscape bridges in Tai Ken, the Fresh and the Blue Sky and White Clouds also officially opened on the morning of October 19th.
The mayor Hu and a number of local elected representatives have made ​​a special trip to here to witness this historic moment.
­     Goodwill Ambassadors of the Beauty Association in pink dresses in the ceremony attracted the attention of the VIPs and people, and event host grandly introduced them from the service teams of China Medical University. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the students of the Beauty Association had the opportunity of taking photos with the mayor Hu. Moreover, the organizers praised the students of group services with their profession and good images, and invited to participate in next activities service.
The regimental commander, Yi-Ting Wang expressed that it is a really good learning opportunity, and it not only represents the Beauty Association, but also shows the higher reputation for China Medical University.