The United Achievement Presentation of International Volunteers Service Teams during 2012 Winter and Summer Vacations was held by our Extracurricular Activities Sections in Offices of Student Affairs on Oct 16th,2012 in the B1 International Conference of Li Fu Lecture Building. Our Dean of Students Affairs, Lin, Zhen-Wen gave an opening and Zeng, Shin-Kuan leader announced the selection methods and rules of.We specially invited Extracurricular Activities Sections in Offices of Student Affairs of Asian University, senior member, Mr. Liao Yu-Fong to serve as a judge, so that the ratings could be more impartial and fair. The participated team was our International Volunteers Service Teams and there were a total of five student service teams to share with the service experience. They will respectively go to Nepal, Malaysia, Africa, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos during this winter and summer vacations for engaging in overseas clinic, health education, group exercise, and humanitarian care services and so on.
     The learning of these details from the preparatory to the activity is a very important part of college life, because it can not only multiply test their organizational skills the spirit of members of the team, frustration tolerance, adaptability ... and so on, but make both of the winter and summer vacations more fulfilling and meaningful.
     The five service teams were composed by our faculty students, the University Hospital physicians, the teachers and students in Asia university and the Chien kuo Technology University, 2012 Nepal's international volunteer medical services team, the 2012 Malaysia International volunteer service teams, the 2012 tour of Africa Schweitzer Tibet international volunteer service team in 2012 Summer, 2012 Xia Yenta Three Kingdoms, Burma and Laos joint international volunteer medical services team.
     The Three Kingdoms, 2012 Thailand, Myanmar and Laos jointed international volunteer medical services teams traveled to northern Thailand for medical services at the seventh time, and set a good foundation for the school international service team. Every year they have more progress and pluralism cooperation. This year, not only in northern Thailand, they have more access to the special Economic Zone of the Golden Triangle in Burma and Laos, Laos, and acted as a bridge of communication and translation to the local people and our overseas Chinese in Thailand in order to enhance the quality of medical care.
     2012 Nepal international volunteer medical services team is our first self-group team to the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal Godavari area for the medical clinic and health education advocacy services. They not only expanded the international perspective, but also brought back the peace and friendship of different religions of Nepal, Tibet, India, Buddha Fun, Moreover, they also had improved Aboriginal dance "Kao Shan Ching” and " Volcanic Dance” full of enthusiastic Taiwan taste with the local people.
     Whether the video clips elaborated by the volunteers or ever photo with smiles will convey enthusiasm and a sense of fulfillment services into the hearts of everyone. During this winter and summer vacation, since we had a group of volunteers who love service, and promote medical and health knowledge out, not only many adults and children got practical knowledge, but also children's summer vacation was enriched. Moreover, their own mind was filled up with the sense of accomplishment.

     Finally, the published results of selection ranking were announced by the Dean of Student Affairs, Lin, Zhen-Wen. The Three Kingdoms, 2012 Thailand, Myanmar and Laos jointed international volunteer medical services teams won the first Famous Brand Award.