Summer vacation is here! China Medical University 2014 Fresh Malerial in Here Free lunch and tutoring activities is on this year our student votunteers and volunlees from Asia University and National Chi Nan University went to Guang Fu Elementary school in Wufeng Area and Taoyuan Elementary school in Nantou county and held a three weeks of free lunch and tutor school work and had some recreational activities. They brought children happy and healthy summer teme.
Many parents are coorried kids summer vacation life. Especially children from poor families. Because schools don’t supply lunch during summer vacation children may get hungry. In this regard starting in 2010 China Medical University students’ association offer “Fresh material in Here” to provide love and care for the children from poor families. They gave them free lunch and tuition and recreational activities. They also access their health services in remote mountain tour. In order to bring those children a health summer life. Happy to learn and grown.
Our morning, the China Medical University student affairs and the Asia University long traveled to Taichung city Guang Fu Elementary school to visit camp activities. They were more than 30 student volunteers from Asia University and China Medical University taking care of 25 children. Teacher



Love Never on vacation Our school offer “Fresh Material in Here” Free lunch and tutoring Activities.